Meeting of 2010-07-30


  • Brad Hards
  • Julien Kerihuel
  • Jelmer Vernooij

Agenda review / summary

No changes to the proposed agenda.

Core openchange (code) planning

The next release (0.10) is currently targetted for early September 2010, although we need to resolve the issue of a missing public symbol (dcerpc_register_ep_server) on the samba4 side.
0.10 will provide Exchange 2007 compatible connection (EcDoConnectEx, EcDoRpc2) capability (i.e. it will work on Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 servers that do not have public folders enabled).

We would like to fold in the samba4-current branch soon, but need to resolve the missing symbol issue first.

A 0.9.1 release has been suggested (primarily bug fixes required for the Evolution MAPI functionality), but the requirements and schedule are yet to be defined.

Jelmer, Julien and Brad plan to attend the Microsoft Exchange interoperability event to be hosted by Microsoft in Redmond (2010-09-21 to 2010-09-22).

Server side (code) planning

Brad plans to move some of the current data stored in openchange.ldb into the mapistore level, which should reduce code duplication / branches. After that, will start to implement more ROPs (especially those related to sending / receiving mail).

Julien has a pending patch for the fs_ocpf backend that makes use of reentrant libocpf parser and allows sharing of ocpf contexts between MAPI calls. It provides good results and help getting much further with Outlook, but it still has stability/locking issues. Julien will put that on reviewboard for now.

The core of the "named properties" support is ready, but it still needs to be exposed and propagated to applicable server ROPs. Brad and Julien will plan this later.

Client side (code) planning

Julien identified that there will be a reasonable amount of changes on the client side, especially the EcDoConnectEx and EcDoRpc2 methods. A mapiprofile setting will be used to select whether EcDoConnect or EcDoConnextEx is used for a particular server connection.

Some work has been done with improving thread-safety within libmapi, although we need additional testing within the Evolution MAPI side before committing to this.

Julien also indicated that "packed calls" support (more than one ROP in an EcDoRpc / EcDoRpc2 call) and cached mode support may be added later this year.

Brad indicated a desire to do more work on the Akonadi OpenChange resource (for KDE) but the server work is currently higher priority.

Web services investigation

Brad briefly discussed web services, and some initial investigations. He will investigate this more, and report back at the next meeting.

Open issues / action review + next meeting

Julien identified that he would like to start a developer's guide (on the wiki) to make it easier for new contributors to get involved. Brad volunteered to help where possible.