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Support Exchange RPC over HTTP

Added by Brad Hards about 7 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Some users have asked if Openchange will support "outlook anywhere", which requires tunnelling over HTTPS.

Samba has some support for this (ncacn_http) but it may not be complete. Some changes will probably be required on the OC side too.


Updated by James Sefton over 4 years ago

Hi Brad,

I know you are extremely busy doing what is something rather tremendous.

I was wondering, since this was posted 2 years ago, if you were aware of the current status of RPC over HTTP was today. Do you know if the samba project is getting close to a level where you guys could consider implementing this feature?

If you (or anyone else that knows) have a minute to drop a quick response to give me an idea it would be very much appreciated.
We have a hosted platform currently based on Zarafa(paid connectors) that we are looking to move away from. (not because of the cost)
We are considering implementing/integrating OpenChange into our system and following development until its in a state where we could let our customers use it.
Obviously, RPC over HTTP (we have front-end encryption to add the SSL) would be essential for us.

Many thanks.


Updated by Brad Hards over 4 years ago

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Thanks for your interest in OpenChange. At this stage, RPC-over-HTTP is not implemented in samba4 or openchange. We do hope to address this in the near future, but probably not for the next release.


Updated by Alexey Svistunov about 4 years ago

Hello Brad,
Released a patch for samba4, that adds RPC over HTTP functionality.
Is there any chance that you will complete the support of an Outlook Anywere in libmapi?

Updated by Julien Kerihuel over 2 years ago

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This feature has been implemented in openchange rpcproxy component and is available in master.

Updated by Julien Kerihuel about 2 years ago

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Updated by Milan Crha about 2 years ago

I see in the 2.0 release announcement that this is supported for server side (- Outlook AnyWhere (RPC over HTTP) support in OpenChange server), does it mean it is available for client side as well, through libmapi?

Updated by Julien Kerihuel about 2 years ago

This is actually only a server-side feature.

RoH (Outlook anywhere) feature is provided by a wsgi python app that decapsulate/encapsulate MAPI traffic over HTTP/HTTPs along with handling rpch specific commands that don't have to be forward to openchange server.

Regarding this feature on client-side which is your primary point of interest, we've narrowed down the scope of this feature and it looks like a 2-3 weeks of development shall be required to implement the feature in samba4 and to provide drop-in support for evolution-mapi.

Given that Exchange 2013 provides this as its primary entry point for Outlook connections, it sounds to me this will have to raise in our TODO list.

This being said, one possible work-around (if that is of any interest to you) shall be to use this wsgi app and tweak it in some way to fit your needs. What do you feel about this option?

Updated by Bruno Wolff about 1 year ago

I see that there has been some work on this recently. Is the jkerihuel/ncacn_http branch usable right now? Do you have an estimate of when that branch might be merged into master?
The context is my employer needs something to migrate calendars from Zimbra into Office 365. Openchange is being looked at as one possible route to doing this. If it's close, it's worth putting time into trying to make it work. (At least finding and reporting bugs,) If it's going to be a while yet, then we probably won't have enough time to use it as a primary migration tool.

Updated by Julien Kerihuel about 1 year ago

It is working and gives OpenChange client libraries and tools access to Microsoft Exchange 2013 and O365.

It however requires you to use a specific version of Samba built with ncacn_http support for client libraries. This tree is available on github in jkerihuel/samba4 repository (http://git@github.com:jkerihuel/samba4.git) within the ncacn_http branch.

Integration in Samba4 is scheduled and we expect it can be achieved/completed by SambaXP - May 2014.

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